Welcome to VOY!

Mission of VOY: By guiding and empowering we are nurturing the development of leaders, one child at a time.

Vision of VOY: We are one voice, one power, one heart, creating our future together.

Welcome. I am Sandra Finkelstein, CEO and founder of 2bempowered Inc. and www.2bempowered.com. The inspiration to create this specific youth movement came from my own journey, realizing that we can foster the life skills and life lessons starting at a young age. As a parent I am a guide and mentor to my children and thus must walk my talk. I also understand and know that people can only share and teach what they know, so for many youth the awareness and life skills are not passed on. I put each child on an even playing field – they all have the right to find their truth, their voice, and their power to be the best they can be. While there are natural leaders I truly believe that when we show a child we care and guide and mentor them, they too can find their way. Not every child or even adult is deemed to be a CEO or CFO or business entrepreneur. However, learning to follow your truth and passion will allow you to be your own leader and make a difference in your life and the life of others. This movement is also about bridging our youth and active baby boomers; tapping into their wisdom and then allowing the youth to take it, make it their own and create something that will impact: environmentally, politically, socially, economically and in our businesses and communities. It is also about creating an intergenerational relationship so that a bond can begin to form over time. As both groups will impact each other – the aging population with concerns around health care costs, CPP issues/Pension concerns, quality of life (policies), and so on AND the youth that will be the ones to implement policies around these issues. The result can be win/win for both parties.

The desire to develop the VOICES OF YOUTH movement came after watching Seth Godin’s Ted Talk, “Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead“. This movement is about connecting like-minded people, a tribe of people, who align with a vision and cause; In this case it is about our youth: older teens/young adults being guided and mentored, taught life skills that they can take and begin to make changes that make sense for today – are executable and sustainable. This tribe has no age barrier in fact, it is about breaking down the barriers that currently exist between our youth and the baby boomers. This movement is not about me, or one person, rather the collective who see the need to challenge the status quo and challenge systems to see what is working and what is not and how we can make the needed changes that will impact communities, countries and the world at large. It is about authenticity, responsibility, walking our talk, accountability, and collaboration.

Learn more about my resource handbook – We’re Not Gonna Take It: a youth’s tool bag of essential life skills for transitioning from high school to post-secondary education to the workplace for youth that addresses many of the personal issues facing our youth today along with tools on how to empower themselves by learning to speak their truth, set boundaries, learn life skills to help them transition into life and work and much more. This is a hands-on book to help the youth transition between the phases of their life and take this knowledge and begin to challenge the systems out there and create what makes sense for today and our future.