My New Book “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Cover-mediumThis book has been a labour of my enduring love and my passion for the last several months. I have spent most of my adult life empowering others and myself. As a mother to two young boys, I felt the need to sit down and write something that will serve not only my sons but also all children. To that end, my book focuses on 10 essential life skills that the millennial youth can use when making life choices. I feel strongly that it’s these life skills – along with a commitment to accountability, responsibility, speaking your truth and walking your walk – that will create the foundation for their success. This generation – our future leaders – needs to master these life skills in order to challenge the current systems and create sustainable and executable changes.

We need to guide and teach our children to speak up and out, cultivate relationships with the older population (baby boomers and seniors), tap into this incredible wealth of knowledge in order to make our communities, businesses and governments more relevant to the needs of today and coming decades. We’re Not Gonna Take It is a call to action for all youth to be part of a tribe that will create this change.

It is my greatest gift to assist in this journey. For anyone that wants to be part of this movement for change email me at


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  • PDF version – $8.95

    The sites that you can buy e-book are the following:
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    Page Pusher

“Sandra Finkelstein has written a timely and much-needed guide for young people and their mentors. It will be of interest to teachers, guidance counselors and youth workers who value the importance of soft-skilled development in young people. These are challenging times for young people in search of career paths and educational focus. The process can be daunting and confusing. Sandra’s book is both comprehensive and practical. It is filled with great insights and practical tools to help youth through the labyrinth of growing up. If can be used in whole or in part. It is the kind of book one “does,” rather than simply read, and the exercises are particularly helpful with addressing all aspects of life-skills development.”
Stephen Weiman MSW RSW, psychotherapist and youth mentor

“My hope for this book is that it will reach as many youth as possible and that they won’t have to face the struggles I did after graduation because I was not fully prepared.”
Jimmy Budny, 28 years old